Partnership Offer

Have total control

Our partnership deal means that you have full control over your resources and how you distribute them. We provide you with the knowledge you need, but you have total control of how you use it. Whether you prefer sticking to our streamlined process or trying something different, we will be there to support you through every step of the way.

Get the profits you deserve

As our partner, you're free to choose who you sell your plants and products to. Get a bigger piece of the pie by cutting out the middleman while we provide sales and marketing advice for you. If you would prefer to sell to us, you will get a portion of our profits.

Call us any time

We provide high priority email addresses and a mobile number to all our partners and contract growers so you can rest easy knowing we will respond to most requests within the same day. Time sensitive questions like disease and insect management are guaranteed to be our number one priority and we aim to answer these questions within hours if not right away.

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