Dr. Anvar Buranov


Dr. Buranov is President/CEO and Founder for NovaBioRubber Green Technologies Inc. He has 18 years of R&D and management experience with industrial crops, including 15 publications and 2 patents. More than 15 years of this experience has been devoted to rubber-bearing plants.

Buranov holds MSc in Organic chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York and a PhD in Organic Chemistry. He has 3 years of postdoctoral experience from Pacific Agri-Food Research Center in Summerland, BC, Canada.

In 2002, Buranov was awarded a research grant by the US Civilian R&D Foundation ( to study rubber-bearing plants of Former Soviet Union, in particular Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS) that resulted in Program of Excellence in National Rubber Alternatives (PENRA) in Ohio, USA.

Buranov managed numerous R&D projects and development contracts in Canada including contract from the prestigious Federal Build-in-Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). He has been awarded the Schildroth Innovation Award in 2011. Buranov won the Materials Innovation Award at Med Tech Innovation Awards 2019 in the United Kingdom.

Buranov actively collaborated with National Research Council Canada on testing the products of NovaBioRubber (patented green process, proprietary rubber extractor, TKS rubber plants, biorubber and inulin) and hypoallergenicity of biolatex. Buranov has proven the hypoallergenicity of TKS latex via independent tests by third parties. Third party evaluation reports are available upon request.

Mr. Jason Right

VP Business Development

Mr. Jason Right, Business Development Manager and business partner-investor has over 40 years of business development experience. Mr. Right has served as a director and the president-CEO of many companies. He holds an engineering degree and MBA from University of Toronto and has led 5 successful companies and raised funds in the public market.

Mr. Jeff Martin


Jeff Martin, MSc, MBA from Georgia Institute of Technology – Dr. Martin has 25 years of progressive achievements in the agriculture, medical device and consumer products industry with a Fortune 100 Corporation and three successful start-ups. Formal education in materials science & engineering with demonstrated results in diverse business areas including executive management, corporate sales, marketing, business development, R&D, strategic planning and capital formation.

Dr. Perry Lidster


Dr. Perry Lidster, advisor and business partner, has a wealth of experience in the private and public sector, including high profile project management and has held various executive positions with multinational companies. Dr. Lidster has significant financial management experience, having managed multi-million dollar contracts and budgets. Dr. Lidster served as the managing director at Advanced Foods and Materials (AFM) Canada.