Field Trials

Rigorous Testing

In order to provide the best consultation to our growers, we spent years researching the ideal growing conditions of the Russian Dandelion. Since 2016, we have been working hard to fine tune every aspect of growing Russian Dandelion.

We overcame challenges with weed control, seed germination, seeding viability and seed production efficiency, so we know how challenging growing Russian Dandelions on its own can be and how to make it easier for farmers.


From our very first field trial, we have kept commercialization as our number one priority. Everything from land preparation to watering rates and fertilization methods have been considered for both small scale hobby farmers and industrial farmlands.

We have developed an easily reproducable method that combines land preparation, soil improvement, watering methods, plant care, harvesting and processing. Every aspect of rubber production has been repeatedly tested from sowing to everything downstream.