Green Process

NovaBioRubber’s patented rubber extraction process consists of two stages: Biorubber recovery and purification; and inulin extraction and purification.

NovaBioRubber has developed and patented a “green” extraction process for rubber recovery from rubber-bearing plants. Recently, NovaBioRubber has completed the development of a prototype rubber extractor, manufactured large-scale rubber extractor and large-scale rubber purifier.

The NovaBioRubber green extraction process uses a unique combination of mechanical forces such as rotational, frictional and gravitational forces that are applied to extract biorubber instantaneously and continuously at room temperature. The use of dry media provides cost savings in terms of energy (50%), labour (50%), chemicals (100%) and water consumption (80%) compared with previous technologies. Further, biorubber is purified from dirt and residual root tissue in small amount of warm water. The green process recovers 98% of total biorubber from rubber-bearing plants.

The NovaBioRubber extraction and purification process is “green”.  “Green” means no toxic wastewater created and no pollution observed. No chemicals, solvents are used in the process. NRC Canada has tested our green process and confirmed the process is green. Please visit the website to read the news article published by NRC Canada. Third party evaluation results from NRC Canada for green process and rubber extractor are available upon request!